About HandGiene Corp.

HandGiene’s mission is to make it easy to comply with hand-hygiene protocols and documentation of compliance.

Our vision is to make the world safer through hand-hygiene monitoring and compliance.

The company was founded to develop and manufacture a novel use of radio-frequency identification technology that can monitor, track and document hand-washing in healthcare and other industries. His vision was to fight soaring rates of hospital-acquired infections in healthcare and illness-causing diseases in other industries with a complete solution to hand-washing for busy employees.

HandGiene was formed following four years of research and intellectual property development. The resulting system uses patented, proprietary RFID-enabled cleanser dispensers and proprietary miniaturized, patent-pending RFID readers to actively measure compliance by all targeted personnel—and visitors—to hand washing protocols.

HandGiene Corporation is funded by private equity investors. Its’ corporate offices are located in Gilbert, Arizona. It currently has licensees in Europe and Asia.

Education is the key, but monitoring with accountability is the answer.™

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