Complying with Government Requirements

In addition to foodborne illnesses, the hospitality industry must deal with illness such as Norovirus, the common cold, flu epidemics and other pathogens.

Norovirus alone causes 267 million cases of acute gastro-enteritis worldwide annually and is the most reported viral infection worldwide after the common cold.

It can cost nearly $750,000 for one incidence.

If strict hand- and surface-hygiene protocols are not observed, it can result in continued outbreaks at the same location.

Hand-washing is recognized as the simplest, most effective way of reducing the rate not only of airborne pathogens such as Norovirus, seasonal flu and the common cold, but foodborne illnesses.

Because it takes 15 seconds of friction to dissolve, HandGiene's specifically engineered antimicrobial soaps and sanitizers substantially reduce the bacterial and viral contamination of hands and the transmission of illness-causing pathogens.

HandGiene’s monitoring and recording system will meet HACCP and ISO-9000 standards as well as food code requirements for the documentation of hand-washing compliance in an easy-to-use way.

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