How it Works

The HandGiene system has:

  • A radio-frequency ID sensoring system for staff and visitors, if appropriate.

  • Liquid soap or hand-sanitizers that meet hygiene compliance.

  • "Smart" recording devices that show compliance or alert to non-compliance.

  • Analytic functions that meet government documentation requirements.

Staff wear RFID-enabled badges or wristbands that monitor movement in and out of patient, treatment and restrooms as well as the use of soap. Sensors also can monitor a stand-alone hand-sanitizer. They also can be given to visitors, if appropriate.

Hand-hygiene stations dispense a soap or gel that takes 15 seconds of friction to wash off or dissolve, removing up to 100 % of pathogens from hands.

Recording devices have a variety of ways to alert staff or administrators to instances of non-compliance. 

Each user is assigned a username and password that can be used to monitor each person’s  own data. Administrators can look at all data appropriate to their function, based on permission protocols.

Reports from the web-based software can be used for internal review or for government documentation of hand-washing compliance. The HandGiene Assurance Program can monitor any number of variables, including periods of time, specific areas or entire facilities, specific individuals or entire staff. They can drill down to look at specific instances or overall percentages.

Depending on the factors you want to monitor, reports can break down information in any number of ways. 

Recording devices integrate seamlessly with legacy software and handle an almost infinite amount of data, making government reporting requirements easy to meet.

Education is the key, but monitoring with accountability is the answer.™

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