Management Team

John F. Kenneally, President
Mr. Kenneally serves as our President and as a member of our board. He is a highly experienced sales professional working in consumer and business oriented sales management positions for almost 25 years. He has extensive knowledge of the markets where our products are intended to be sold, including healthcare, long-term care, restaurants, etc. He has worked for several major insurance and financial services companies most of which are household names across the globe.
Matthew Gruber, Vice President of Web Development
Mr. Gruber is a creative and skilled multimedia and print designer and director. He is a proven leader, coordinating teams of writers, designers and programmers to deliver products under tight budgets and time constraints. He has expert knowledge of web development technologies including Joomla, Flash AS3, HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery and MySQL. Since 2006, he has operated his own design house. Prior to 2006 he served as a senior graphic designer, senior multimedia design developer and a senior multimedia developer for a range of large companies and institutions along the eastern seaboard.
Cathryn Walker, Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Walker serves as our CFO and as a member of our board. She is the president of ECFO Corporation which she started in 2005. This firm specializes in SEC Financial Reporting, accounting, tax and business consulting. From 2002 through 2009 she owned C Walker and Associates; a firm that specialized in accounting, tax and payroll services. Ms. Walker has extensive experience in all areas of financial statement preparation, auditing, and has exhibited extensive experience in all start up business applications.
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