Is HandGiene Right for Us?

If your company is subject to accreditation or government regulations, the HandGiene system is the ideal solution for complying with, recording and documenting adherence to government requirements.

HandGiene’s unique system provides:

  • a soap or hand-sanitizing solution that complies with hand-washing requirements,

  • a monitoring system that tracks every employee’s instance of hand-washing or sanitizer use and alerts staff and administrators to non-compliance,

  • a reporting system that allows for internal review and re-training of staff as well as easy documentation of compliance with government regulations.

The HandGiene system is easy-to-use and install in any healthcare, hospitality, educational or food-service setting where routine hand-washing must occur and be documented.

HandGiene is:

  • Easy to install: The facility does not have to be wired for HandGiene. The system can be installed anywhere.

  • Easy to maintain: Requires minimal maintenance, refill dispensers when necessary.

  • Easy to monitor: HandGiene does not disrupt work, but it does provide compliance.

  • Easy to use: The system integrates seamlessly with legacy software and can handle an almost infinite amount of data.

  • Easy to analyze: Analytic functions of the HandGiene Assurance Program are intuitive and easy-to-use. Reports can be configured in any number of ways for internal review or external use. Analysis can drill down to specific instances or focus on overall percentages, time periods, areas, among many factors.

  • Easy for documenting compliance: Documentation needed for government requirements proving compliance is easy to generate.

  • Easy to afford: HandGiene will typically pay for itself in two to six months, depending on the number of units installed.

Education is the key, but monitoring with accountability is the answer.™

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